logo UsselThe Grand Hotel in Ussel is located in Ussel town, a sub-prefecture of the Corrreze département ( one of the main administrative centres of the Correze département) at an altitude of 631, on the last foothills of the Millevaches Plateau


Une rue d'Ussel
The town lies at the foothills of the granitic Millevaches Plateau.


Two streams run through it, the Diège, a tributary of the Dordogne River and the Sassone, tributary of the Diège


Ussel is served by the A 89 Motorway that connects Bordeaux and Clermont-Ferrand


The three main economic sectors are : Forestry, Metalwork and the Food Industry


hotel logo hotel deux étoilesLocated between the Plateau des Millevaches, the Dordogne Valley and the  Monedieres Mountains, 10km away from
the A89 Motorway, the Grand Hotel in Ussel is a nice stopover for your holidays or business trips in the dynamic andhistoric environment of Ussel, a medieval town of many shades


Rest, Comfort, and Leisure will be the key words of your stay

The Grand Hotel in Ussel is a Hotel Restaurant with 24 rooms including two rooms dedicated to disabled and a must stop in the green and peaceful landscape of Haute Correze .


Marc Guibert and his team provide you with a pleasant space for comfort and leisure : vast bedrooms, private lounge, restaurant, banquet and seminar rooms as well as a bar, of course.


The bus and railway stations are near by in the North Eastern borough of town. The centre can be reached easily both on foot and by car


For the very little ones, bottle warmers, high chair, changing mat are available at the reception





For your comfort and well being, you will find here a few practical indications that might prove useful during your stay Reception: learn more

Reception   learn more

The hotel reception is as a rule open from 8 am to 9 pm, sometimes earlier in the morning or later at night.

We are at your disposal in order to provide you with all the information you may need for a pleasant stay with us.

You will have to leave your room by 11 am on the last day of your stay.

Just dial 9 from your room in order to reach the reception.

We can also book a taxi or rent a car for you, inquire about bus or train timetables or send a fax.

We also have a laundry service

Telephone   learn more

You first have to ask the reception to free your line for external calls.

You will be asked give a deposit before calling

You will then have to dial “0” before calling

Wifi   learn more

Free wifi is available. Just ask at the reception for login and password

Wake-up calls  learn more

In order to set the alarm clock, dial first 60, wait for the beep and then dial your wake up time which must have 4 digits.

A second beep will confirm that your request has been recorded

For example : If you want to wake up at 7.30, dial 60, wait for the beep, dial 0730, wait for the second beep and hang up. To cancel : dial 0000 instead of the recorded time In case of difficulties, contact reception

Breakfast  learn more

Tell us in the evening if you want to have breakfast the next day